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Dr. Virashri Rivonkar
Specialty: General Practice

Dr. Rivonkar graduated from Goa University in November 2004 with a Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery.  Her research thesis was on the benefits provided by Pippali (Long Pepper) on the respiratory system.  Upon graduation she worked as a health advisor at Goldshield Healthcare Pvt Ltd (a multinational healthcare company listed on the London Stock Exchange). 

Dr. Rivonkar is passionate about Ayurvedic Medicine, is thoroughly knowledgeable and conversant in all aspects of Ayurveda, has excellent spoken and written English communication skills, and is dedicated to serving India Herbs’ customers in a first class manner through collaboration with Ayurveda specialists to ensure the best medical and lifestyle guidance is provided on a case by case basis.  Dr. Rivonkar also runs her own clinic serving patients with a variety of illnesses.

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