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Publication: Ayurveda - The Science of Traditional Medicine
Author: Vaidya Bhagwan Dash / Suhasini Ramaswamy

Rheumatism or amavata is caused by the production and accumulation of a substance called ama in the body.  Ama is produced by improper digestion as well as metabolism, and lodges itself in the joints and causes inflammation and pain.  Usually persons with a constipative tendency and dietary irregularities are affected by amavata.


Mahayogaraja guggulu and simhanada guggulu, the medicines useful in this disease have the herb guggulu as their main constituent.  If there is a constipative tendency simhanada guggulu is better.  Normally, a cup of warm water should be drunk after having the medicine.  For weak and emaciated patients, a cup of milk is advised.  The dose of this medicine should be slowly increased.  These Medicines have no toxic effects whatsoever, but the patient may, at times, feel slightly hot and in that case, the dosage should be reduced.

For the medicines to be really effective, constipation should be cured.  Castor oil is considered to be the best purgative.  Haritaki powder may be used as an alternative.  Saindhavadi taila, a medicated oil, should be applied over the affected joints and rubbed gently.

Diet and Regimen

Curd, anything sour, pulses (except mung) are prohibited.  Fried and very cold food should be avoided as far as possible.

Sleep during the day is prohibited.  Restricted physical exercise is allowed, but long, fast walks and any exercise involving violent movements of the affected joints should be avoided.