The Domino Effect of Obesity
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Obesity is associated with more than 30 medical conditions. It leads to a significant number of health problems and is even causing existing health problems to aggravate. Scientific evidence has proven a strong relationship between obesity and the top killer diseases of today. Obesity could simply be defined as excess of body fat. But it could be a major joy-stealer over time.

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Eat like an Okinawan!
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The Okinawans, the indigenous people of the Ryukyu islands in Japan, are famous for having the longest life expectancy in the world. This is attributed to the kind of lifestyle and diet they live by. Moderation is their rule of thumb.

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Diagnosed with Hypertension? Modify Your Life Now!
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Major complications of untreated hypertension include myocardial infarction, stroke, renal failure, and retinopathy. Do the necessary lifestyle modifications to prevent furthering of the condition.

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Latest Testimonial on Ayurstate
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Gentlemen, do not be afraid to go for a test anymore!
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Messieurs, n'ayez plus peur du depistage!
By: Ana Le Franc

That's what this campaign in France that appeared on hello-docteur.com wanted you to understand. Fifteen men, urologists, sports doctor, psychologist and other health professionals have had their picture done, trousers on their ankles, a finger in the air.

Suzanne Somers Shares The Secrets to Wellness
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Every individual is unique, and every body requires its own set of recipes for wellness.

When calamity or sickness confronts you, how will you grasp it? You can either choose to be the victim or strategize on how you can take charge to help twist things around. You have a choice: to strive to be well or to just barely get by.

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Your Habits Can Make or Break You

Good habits, once established, are just as hard to break as are bad habits.
By: Robert Puller

Every habit you have defines your way of life. You have to be aware of what you are doing day after day. These things play a great role to your sense of fulfillment and level of happiness.

We can help you make a good habit and break a bad one with our free Habit Formation health tool!

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The most important personality trait one can develop is self-esteem

Oscar Wilde once said, "To love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance."

How you face the world is determined by your self-image, the mental picture of the wholeness of you. It is actually a fragile thing that you should take care of.

When this self image gets distorted, you are on your way to the dark room of feeling incompetent, incapable, unpretty, and unwanted.

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Let us get engaged and touch more lives together

Welcome to the good life!

Yes, we do business and we have to work. But we also realized that time is fleeting. Life is short. So, we want to go beyond business and we want to be happy while doing work, to get that sense of fulfillment that overjoys a heart. And we figured out that we can only achieve this if we create hallmark moments with you.

Can you give us your hand and together, let us try to make the world a better place - for the sickly, for the weak, for the poor in spirit, for the unhappy?

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Facts about Salt and High Blood Pressure
Is there really a link?

Some of the risk factors for hypertension such as age and genetics could not be controlled. But there is one which can help you lower your hypertension risks by keeping it balanced - your salt intake.

10 Tips to Optimize Your Longevity and Quality of Life

You can optimize your longevity and quality of life by:

1) Increase Water Intake
Water is an effective tool for detoxification, a process that is essential to fight the signs of aging.

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