Laughter is the Best Medicine
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A great sense of humor can add 8 years to your life

Believe it or not, laughter has the ability to get your body systems into play, all at the same time. When you laugh, your muscles contract, your respiration increases in volume and rate, your body temperature rises, and your central nervous system is activated. A good laugh can also bring you to a relaxed state characterized by a sense of stress-relief. A no-cost and fully-available healing power is hidden in your laughter, so do give it a thought and remind yourself to get happy. Being happy is healthy.

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Top 10 DETOX Foods
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The environment we live in is loaded with materials that impose threats to our health. These toxins strain our detox system and disrupt the natural harmony and balance of our bodies. Enough to say that we're up for a battle!
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Should You LOVE or HATE Caffeine?
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While there is no conclusive evidence yet to say that caffeine is harmful to health, we cannot fully ignore the negative effects associated with it. But despite this, a lot of people remain dependent on caffeine to keep their energy levels up.

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Ayurstate and Ayurtox
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Understanding Ayurveda
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The key to health is gaining balance in everything

The principles of Ayurveda are held together by its core value which is balance. It is all about achieving balance in all areas of your being - balanced body tissues, balanced mental state, balanced digestion, balanced spiritual life to name a few. As compared to Western Medicine, which quickly acts on the symptoms of a disease, Ayurveda goes deep down to the underlying cause of the disease.

How to Give an Ayurvedic Massage
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Massage is an important part of various cultures and the Indian health system of Ayurveda is no different. It considers massage crucial to preventing and curing various health problems. According to Ayurveda practitioners, you should still make massage a part of your daily routine even if you're not currently suffering from any specific disease.

Katrina Robinsons shares five easy steps on how to give an ayurvedic massage.

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Healthy Summer Getaways

Acquire the gracious and healthy traveler award.

Have you ever thought that the place you choose to be at or the holiday spot you opt to go to for a break serves a valuable role to your health as well? There are favorite vacation spots around the globe that are said to be healthier than others! They are known for offering active lifestyles, great outdoors, and healthy cuisines. Here are the top 10 healthiest yet fascinating places to help you achieve a healthier summer getaway.

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The Touch of Yoga

"For those wounded by civilization, yoga is the most healing salve." - Terri Guillemets

Patanjali, the great yogi who systematized the principles of yoga and meditation in "Yoga Sutras", said that yoga is the practice of quieting the mind. Modern research shows that yoga helps manage many physical health problems and alleviate stress. These are only few of the many reasons why more and more people nowadays are beginning to long for the touch of yoga.
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Inspire Others

Our facebook friends would like to inspire the world.

We're glad to partner with our facebook friends and twitter followers to inspire the world. Every month, India Herbs feature inspiring stories from our berks! Join us on facebook and follow us on twitter and together, let's inspire others!

Mary Anne says she loves to run. Christina says she's happy at work. Hear more from them this month!

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Your Nails Can Tell Something about Your Health

Understand the clues your nails are telling you. It is worth listening to what your nails have to say.

There are several nail conditions that can be symptoms of underlying diseases.

1) Yellow Nail Syndrome
- A respiratory condition such as bronchitis may result in a discolouration of your fingernails. In such cases, nails thicken and new growth slows down, causing the nails to discolour.

10 Tried & Tested Tips for Natural Body Detox

1) Limiting Harmful Foods - Avoid processed foods, dairy products, and junk foods which are full of toxins, low in nutritional value, and lack dietary fiber.

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