BRAND NEW ME: Online Reality Show
(23 KG Lost in 2 Months!)

Most weight loss reality TV shows are able to deliver major results achieved through diet and exercise. Brand New Me will go beyond diet and exercise. It will incorporate mental and emotional conditioning, neuro-linguistic programming, total lifestyle changes, and Ayurveda.

Brand New Me is fully geared towards helping the participant form lasting habits for optimal health. The activities applied in this series are based on natural health principles that follow a significant timeline. This what differentiates Brand New Me from other reality shows seen on TV or online.

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Watch How 800+ Toxins Enter Your Body Daily
5 Habits That Make You Grow Old Double Time

How old would you be if you didn't know how old you were? - Satchel Paige

Have you ever been mistaken for looking much older than your actual age? We do not want you to overlook these habits that may be sabotaging your efforts to stay looking young.
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High Impact Interval Jogging for Weight Loss

Morning jog is highly recommended for weight loss. This is because your body would burn fats for energy as no food has gone into your system in the last 10 hours. Jogging in the afternoon will produce fewer results since the body already has stored energy to burn.

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Detox is a must!
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Positive Affirmations for Weight Loss and Self Esteem

Many people wonder if affirmations work. Well, they certainly do. You need to pay close attention to your thoughts. Your way of thinking becomes your reality. And research found out that 90% of man's thoughts are negative. Change the way you think!

Every word you speak, every thought you think is a form of affirmation. Your inner dialogue is a cascade of affirmations. Your subconscious mind is constantly acknowledging your thoughts and words. This stream of affirmations is establishing your life experiences in every moment.

Herbs for Male Potency

The body must be credited with an immense fund of know-how. - Deepak Chopra

Male impotence has affected more than 30 million men in America alone. It is the second biggest problem of men after erectile dysfunction. The numbers are growing each passing year.

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Steps to Cut on Sweets

Go tough on your sweet tooth and adopt a healthier option.

Sugar can be deadly with continuous intake over a prolonged period. It contributes to the world's most dangerous disease - obesity and diabetes. In 2010, almost 60 million Americans succumbed to obesity due to their addiction with sugar. These people also have increased risks for diabetes, high blood pressure, heart failure, and arthritis.

The Art of Self Motivation

Hunger for constant appraisals can affect you one way or another.

Appraisal is one of the easiest ways you can boost someone into another euphoric level of his current or recent achievement. They are priceless and effortless. However, overdose of appraisals is also dangerous. Eventually in time, complacency will replace confidence, pride will replace humility, and disappointment will replace satisfaction.
Relationship Problems

Make up, don't break up. - Dr. Bonnie Eaker Weil, author of "Best Dating Book of 2010"

Everyone of us experiences relationship stress in different levels, depending on the severity of the situation. It can be caused by a snowball effect of constant criticisms, arguments, yelling, and verbal abuse. It can also be aggravated by crises such as adultery, illnesses, death of a loved one, or other family problems.
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The Soybean Effect

Soybean is part of a large family of plants called legumes. Legumes are famous for their high protein content, even higher than other plant foods. A matured soy has about 42% protein, 33% carbohydrate, 20% oil, and 5% hull.

Tips to rejuvenate your entire biological system, impede the aging process, and promote longevity

Your can optimize your longevity and quality of life by:

1) Increasing Water Intake - Adequate water is needed for cellular rejuvenation and other body functions, including digestion, absorption, circulation, excretion, nutrient transport, tissue formation and body temperature regulation.

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