Injury-Prone Workouts!

Worse Exercises to Avoid

Exercising boosts endorphin production, eliminates excess fat, and decreases risks for chronic diseases like diabetes and hypertension. It promotes longevity and provides relief from depression and insomnia. However, not all exercises are safe and effective. There are exercises that you need to avoid. These exercises are injury-prone and generally less effective.

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Health Hazards Reduced by Exercise

Your body operates at optimal levels when you're at your ideal weight. By improving your physical fitness through exercise, you not only effectively reduce your body fat but also more important health indicators.
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Get Your Washboard Abs with These Foods!

'Abs is made in the kitchen?' Nothing could speak the truth more." - Askmen.com

Men desire to have six-pack abs to impress women. A fully-toned and lean midsection is said to be the sexiest part of a man's body.

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"I have been taking Yogic Slim for about 5 weeks now. And I have lost weight, and I sleep better, and my circulation has improved and I am very happy with the product. And the reason why I was looking for something was because I wanted to restore my thyroid and lose weight. And after research on the Internet by my husband Juan, we found this product and I was willing to try it even though I've been trying many things for several years and never had any results. And this is Elizabeth from Australia. Thank you. Bye."

Elizabeth (age 56) - Australia

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What You Do Not Know about Abdominal Fat

An increasing number of people have been reported to have excess abdominal fat nowadays. Given the modern lifestyle, where everything is instant, putting on those flabs has become much easier. Society's knowledge about abdominal fat is limited to it simply being a physical nuisance. Most people do not know is that it is the most dangerous fat in the body.

Truths about Aerobic Exercises

Cardiovascular exercises are one of the most in-demand exercises today, targeting both weight loss and general wellness. They are better known as aerobic exercises. These exercises especially improve your heart condition, boost oxygen carriage and consumption, and enhance muscle mass.
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Having a Tough Time Committing to Your Fitness Regime?

Start your workout with a bang and never lose conviction with these simple tips!

Many people who started working out with a blast eventually lose conviction. This is due to lack of determination and proper planning. Instilling the proper attitude about exercise is not enough. Reinforcing the desire to achieve a healthier body does not ensure success with your fitness plan. Goal setting is the real key.

Killer Quickie ("Less than 15-Minutes") Workouts

Lack of time is the most common excuse heard from people who do not exercise. Their busy jobs, long travel time, household obligations occupy their 24-hours, and make them neglect their fitness needs.

Nowadays, short workouts are becoming more and more popular. These quick fitness plans are attractive to health-conscious busy professionals. More arguments for the effectiveness of short workouts have made them a hype.
Resuscitate Your Workout Momentum

Reasons why people stop exercising and ways you can kick-start back into it.

You know that exercise is good for your health. Aside from its weight loss and muscle building benefits, it also revs up all other biological functions in your body. But what's stopping you from exercising? Starting a fitness plan is one thing and staying with the routine is another. Many people start working out with enthusiasm and become exhausted in short time.
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Frequently Asked Questions about Exercise

Though the benefits of exercise cannot be denied, some people still do not take it seriously. We gathered frequently asked questions about exercise that hinder people from embarking on a fitness plan. Take note of the answers to these questions. They may help beat procrastination.

10 Tips to Maximize Fat Loss

1) Weight Training - More muscle mass means a higher resting metabolic rate and more calories burned. Weight training 3 to 4 days per week (less than 1 hour per session with 30 to 60 second rest periods in between sets) will foster high levels of muscle building (anabolic) hormones and minimize muscle wasting (catabolic) hormones. Work each body part once a week (chest and back on day 1, legs on day 3, shoulders and arms on day 5).

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