Can You Handle It?

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Can You Handle It?
Tips to Effectively Manage Pressure at Work!

Your work is to discover your world and then with all your heart give yourself to it. - Buddha

Before You Promise ...

A fairly common saying and an excellent guideline in the customer service field is "Under Promise and Over Deliver." People prefer to do business with organizations that exceed expectations. This requires making and keeping promises carefully. Your organization is a little you. So, you are equally yoked to also under promise and over deliver! Your performance impacts the whole of your organization and so, the pressure is always on your shoulders, too. Before fear gets into your system, think of the brighter side. How far can you possibly get if you choose to commit your 101%? Let these questions guide you!

Can I really do this?

This is a question everyone asks themselves when a task is delegated to them. It is normal to wonder. It is a natural response to a foreign incoming.

Before you descend to pessimism, think of the long haul of the task. If you have really gotten it done, wouldn't that be an achievement to you? Wouldn't that add value to your knowledge and service to the management?

Tell yourself, "Yes, you can do it and you will do it."

Is there someone more appropriate?

When you ask this to yourself or to your management, you are, in fact, undervaluing yourself. Have an open mind. Accept and be proud of yourself that YOU have been chosen to complete the task because they believe that YOU have the expertise to execute it.

Can I make it in the promised time?

Yes, you may strive to achieve the target deadline. We all do! No one enjoys deadlines. But it is these deadlines that push you. At the end, having completed a task you thought you couldn't would strengthen your beliefs on your capabilities.

Can I do this well?

You should never underestimate your abilities when taking up a task. Perhaps, the tasks thrown onto you may be a real challenge. They may require a great deal of brainstorming, research and discussions. These tasks prove that the organization had greatly believed that you are indeed the right candidate for the hard core jobs!

Just come to think of it, if you had doubt yourself from the beginning, do you think you will be where you are at right now? Practice self reflection. If you have overcome all that you had in the past years, what are a few more barriers? Will I do this with enthusiasm?

How else can you get things done with optimal quality if you don't have enthusiasm? Your output reflects the amount of energy you've put into it.

Get going with a big smile. Steer clear from pessimism, it does nothing but sucks the energy out of you and bring you down. You are going to do the work either way, better do it with your heads up. And yes, you can handle it! It is just a matter of how committed you are.

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