6 Steps to becoming a Chick Magnet

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Men work out not only to relieve stress and stay healthy. They work out to look good and attract women. Women are more likely attracted to men who take serious fitness measures.

Not all men have the luxury of time to hit the gym, though. Some have to work even harder to stay lean. So, we compiled proven and easy ways you can do to have that superman body despite your busy schedule.

1. Do power plate training.
Power plate training has become more and more popular with male fitness enthusiasts. It provides maximum gains in less time. The power plate works by vibrating in three different directions. When it vibrates up and down, your muscle tone improves. When it vibrates left to right and front to back, it increases balance and coordination. These combined movements burn more fats and produce more muscles.

2. Snack at 3 to 4 o'clock in the afternoon.
Munch high-protein snack at this hour. Your stomach has just finished digesting food taken during lunch. It is now ready to absorb new supply. This habit increases protein absorption for muscle growth, enhances metabolism, regulates appetite, and balances blood sugar.

3. Avoid consuming sugar.
Stay away from sugar. Sugar suppresses glucagon levels which leads to more belly fat. Glucagon is essential for converting belly fat to energy and keeping a trim waist line.

4. Chew your food properly.
Chewing your food thoroughly will prevent gas and bloating and increase nutrient absorption. Proper chewing breaks down food into easily digestible portions.

5. Watch your portion.
Eating small portions of food improves your metabolism. You are training your body to constantly burn food even when you are at rest.

6. Improve insulin sensitivity
Insulin stimulates fat metabolism. It triggers liver cells and fat tissues to absorb glucose from the blood and burn unwanted fats. To improve insulin sensitivity (your body's ability to produce insulin), increase your vegetable intake, eat more healthy fats, and avoid carbohydrates.

Achieve that superman body by incorporating these simple lifestyle and dietary changes.

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