Know Your Penis, Keep it Functional

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More than 150 million men worldwide suffer from erectile dysfunction. However, only 10% of them seek treatment. The Majority of men refuse to admit that they have sexual problems. The following pointers will put you in the top percentile of men that understand the essence of erectile health.

1. What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile Dysfunction or ED is the inability to achieve and sustain an erection to complete a sexual intercourse.

2. What are the most common physical causes of Erectile Dysfunction?

The most common physical causes of ED are damaged arteries and weak fibrous tissues surrounding the penis.

3. How does stress or anxiety contribute to Erectile Dysfunction?

Stress or anxiety interferes with the erection process by distracting the man from things that would normally arouse him. Concentration is needed during sexual intercourse.

4. Who is at risk of Erectile Dysfunction?

Men from 40 to 70 years old are at risk of ED. Age is the number one risk factor for this disease. Men who have chronic medical conditions like heart disease and diabetes are also at greater risk of ED.

5. Is Erectile Dysfunction linked to other medical conditions?

Yes. Diabetes has been linked to ED. About 75% of men with diabetes have ED. Obesity and cardiovascular problems are other diseases linked to ED.

6. Is Erectile Dysfunction an aging problem?

ED is only considered a medical problem when it happens regularly. It is not an inevitable result of aging.

7. How is Erectile Dysfunction treated?

ED can be treated with oral medications, sex therapy, penile injections, vacuum pumps, and surgery. Alternative medicine, like Ayurveda, proposes the use of herbs to address the disease naturally.

8. Can Erectile Dysfunction be prevented?

Yes. Taking active measures in your lifestyle and diet maintains good erectile function.

Ways to prevent ED:
  • Stop smoking.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Maintain a healthy weight.
  • Seek professional advice before taking any medications.
  • Avoid excessive use of alcohol (no more than two drinks a day).
  • Avoid the use of illegal drugs.
  • Keep chronic illnesses such as diabetes or kidney disease under control.
  • Avoid long hours of bicycling.
  • Avoid long hours in a hot tub or sauna where temperature is high.
  • Take the right supplement for virility care.

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