Addiction to Emotions

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Ever wondered why you always feel angry, irritated, or lonely without any apparent reason at all? It seems to just happen all the time. What most people do not realize is that they are addicted to their emotions. And it is not just about mindsets, it is surprisingly a cellular-level kind of thing.


The tiny nerve cells in the brain called neurons connect and form a neural net. Each connection formed is engendered from a thought or a strong memory. Your brain starts to perceive situations based on the rule of associative memory. It generates alike reactions for seemingly similar situations. You create models at the back of your head about things based on your experiences. You begin to connect an abstract idea with your past experiences.

Nerve cells wire together. The wiring together produces the concepts you believe in. If you strongly believe in something, even when it is a lie, it becomes your reality. Physiologically, what you keep on doing or thinking of over and over induces your nerve cells to begin to form a long-term relationship. If you allow yourself to get angry in three to four consecutive days, you are actually reinforcing the neural net for anger and you slowly become an angry person. This is why, you need to learn how to cut and interrupt negativity on purpose. You should not let negative emotions linger. Your cells get addicted to it, then, it becomes the force working in your life.


Emotions are imprinted chemicals that strengthen something and transform it into a long-term memory. The hypothalamus in the brain produces certain chemicals that correspond to every emotion you feel. These chemicals are called peptides which are small-chain amino acid units forming neurohormones or neuropeptides.

Neuropeptides match with the emotional state you are now at. There are chemicals for anger, chemicals for fear, chemicals for joy, and the list goes on. The moment an emotion is triggered, the hypothalamus immediately produces the peptide, and releases it through the pituitary gland to the bloodstream which goes out to different parts of the body. The peptide is received by every single cell in the body through the cell's receptor. If this happens often, the cells begin to experience biochemical cravings and our consciousness leads us to create situations to meet our chemical needs.

Addiction to emotion would mean that you need a bit more each time. If you are unable to control your emotions, then you may already be addicted to it.


Emotions are not evil. They actually make life exciting. It is the addiction to emotions that we need to be overcome. This means that we need to learn to discuss our emotions on purpose and be mindful on what thoughts we harbor every day. This is a key reason that you need to understand if you like to live a happy life.

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