Using your Creative Built-In Mechanism for Success

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Using your Creative Built-In Mechanism for Success

There is something within you - that can move your mountains!

Everyone in this world is hypnotized at at least one aspect. And that particular stronghold defines more than 80 percent of one's self-image, upon which performance in life is based. Thus, it is important to learn how this so called built-in creative mechanism works as it is the one that constructs the way you see yourself.

Dr Maxwell Maltz, in his book The New PsychoCybernetics, talked about the built-in creative mechanism within each person on this planet. The author profoundly explained that this creative mechanism can either be a success creative mechanism or a failure creative mechanism-depending on what and how you feed it. It is unconscious. It doesn't reason, it doesn't question. It simply processes and absorbs what you put into it. And then, it works its way through until it reaches the practical realization of whatever it has absorbed.

It may be surprising to know that you have something within you, aside from your willpower, which can help you achieve your deepest desires. However, it can also break you. This built-in creative mechanism can speed you up or slow you down, make you function in excellence, or keep you in mediocrity. It operates on the popular computer logic, GIGO or Garbage In-Garbage Out. When you take in positive thoughts, your actions will more likely be positive. When you dwell and fantasize on negative things, your mood changes, your will weakens, and your energy drops. Without knowing it, you are easily being convinced that the negative thoughts in your mind are the truths that you have to live by.

A much simpler explanation of this is the battle between the "I Can" and the "I Can't" attitudes. The "I cannot do it"attitude reinforces the negative to be more likely true and to have greater possibility to happen in the future. The self-limiting effect of "I cannot do it" or "I can only do this" already establishes your performance about your goal. In contrary, the "I can do it"attitude gets half of your goal done even before you make the first step in your plan of action.

There is a strong connection between the "I cannot do it" attitude and the inferiority complex, the feeling that you are less able than others. This feeling of inferiority comes from comparing yourself to others. You must realize that there will always be people better than you on this planet at one aspect or another. Yet you will always be better than them at one point. The inferiority complex is reinforced by striving for superiority, which is unhealthy and stressful. Instead of striving to be better than others, what you can do is to strive for superiority based on your own norms - not based on the norms of another person. Outdo yourself, outdo your performances.

You will be able to do this self-improvement and experience a deeper sense of achievement by feeding your built-in creative mechanism. Even though, you are not able to see your creative mechanism, you can talk to it. And that's how you feed it. You must let your inner self consume the most important truth about the person that you are - your uniqueness. You are neither inferior nor superior, you are just simply you and that you are not in competition with anyone else you come in contact with in your lifetime. Remind yourself of the things that you can do and that you can do best.

Feed your built-in creative mechanism with array of positive thoughts. The job of your rational thinking is to determine what you want and to analyze messages that you should entertain. Ponder on these dreams with the use of imaging and self-talk. Picture yourself living that dream already. Act it in your mind as if it is already happening.

Here's a mental exercise that you can embark on. Try this and watch out for results!

1. Find a comfortable place where you can spend 30 minutes per day for reflection.

2. Focus on your current goal.

3. With eyes closed, visualize scenarios where you see yourself living your dream already.

4. Do this for 21 days.

5. This exercise builds memories in the mid-brain that induce positive behavior and in turn, deliver you results.

Utilize your built-in creative mechanism for success. It is the power within you that can move your mountains and turn your impossibilities to opportunities.

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