Artificial Sweeteners Can Promote Weight Gain

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Diet Sodas Have Been Found to Double Obesity Risks

Commonly consumed by people who want to reduce their calorie intake or are unable to consume sugar, artificial sweeteners can be found in many products such as baked foods, frozen desserts, candies, and beverages like diet sodas. Some sugar replacements like Splenda and Aspartame may even claim to have zero calories, thus raising their appeal.

However, although artificial sweeteners have been approved by the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA), they may in fact have the complete opposite effect on your body and cause you to gain weight instead. This is because artificial sweeteners can create confusion in your brain. When you taste something sweet, your body expects to ingest calories. However, with artificial sweeteners, the sweet taste minus the calories confuses your biochemistry signals and can potentially result in lower metabolism which eventually leads to weight gain.

Research also indicates that the use of artificial sweeteners may inhibit your body’s ability to detect and control calories , hence, promoting the tendency to overeat. A study of approximately 400 soda drinkers spanning nearly 10 years found that the waists of diet soda drinkers grew 70 percent more than those of non-diet soda drinkers. Moreover, subjects who consumed two or more diet sodas a day experienced a 500 percent increase in their waist sizes. Essentially, the regular consumption of diet soda has also been linked to an increased risk of low bone mineral density, type 2 diabetes, and stroke, in addition to obesity.

One simple rule of thumb is that ingesting anything artificial can disrupt your metabolism and by default, your health. Hence, if consuming natural sugar is not an option for you, try substituting this with natural FDA-approved zero-calorie sweeteners that have been recommended by nutritionists or health advisors. Alternatively, you can also seek the advice of a nutritionist.

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