Detox: It should NOT be just an option

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Approximately 200,000 various types of toxins are carried in the air you breathe alone. This freeway access of toxins to your body is indeed a warning that you need to be wiser in flushing them out. Read on to find out why is there a need for you to detox at a regular basis.

Understanding Detoxification

Research indicates that a man takes in about 2,000,000 toxins every 24 hours. Toxic substances are increasingly multiplying in the environment today, causing more harm than they did decades ago. They can easily get into your system through the air and food you take in. You can't totally avoid them but you can't just let them take your health away. The good news is that you can eliminate toxins and fight free radical damage by regular detox. Detoxification is extremely vital especially now that the excessive amount of toxins in the body has been proven to be the reason behind the prevalence of the chronic ailments nowadays such as:

  • Headaches

  • Poor sleep

  • Sluggishness and tiredness

  • Mood swings (emotional stress)

  • Digestive problems such as constipation, gas, and indigestion

  • Allergies

  • Breached immune system

    Benefits of Detoxification

    The liver, colon, kidneys, gallbladder, lungs, skin, lymph, and blood are your body's main detoxification agents. They flush the toxins out of your body. However, they are not created fit enough to battle the millions of toxins you are exposed to in the modern-day environment.

    The heavy metals such as lead, mercury, cadmium, nickel, arsenic, and aluminum are a few of the strong enemies of your body's detox system. Your body cannot easily get rid of them. Only by adopting a detox program can you help your system clear these toxins out.

    Aside from toxin elimination, a regular detox will also help you improve immune function, generate healthy cells, purify your blood, set a positive outlook in life, deplete emotional stress, and prevent congestion, fermentation, and inflammation in your digestive tract.

    You may experience what is often called the "healing crisis" while on detox. It usually manifests in headaches, skin break-out, and diarrhea. This is due to the excessive toxins which have overloaded your liver for quite some time already and are now being released into your blood for processing out of the body. In a short time though, you will begin to feel positive changes in your body.

    Note: If you are suffering from serious liver condition such as hepatitis or cirrhosis, it is important you inform your physician before embarking on any detoxification program.

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