Fertility Juices

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"People with fertility problems are not alone. It is a very, very common problem for couples today. I've seen statistics that are just staggering." - Michael Zaslow

Infertility has affected 2.1 million married couples in the US alone. With the numbers growing and limited treatments offered by the doctors, many are seeking other types of remedies to elevate their chances of conception.

Nutrition plays a vital role in fertility. This is one of the options that is often overlooked. If your body is deficient in certain nutrients, you are going to encounter biochemical imbalances. Unique bodily processes will begin to slow down and will not function normally until those imbalances are addressed.

Ensuring that the food you consume are nourishing your body is one of the most important things you can do. If you are consuming food that are full of sugar, chemicals, preservatives, artificial ingredients and unhealthy fats, you are simply undermining your efforts to become pregnant. Most people fail to realize the damaging impact this has. How could we expect our body to do the things it should when we have neglected of the tools it requires? Be aware of how powerful real, healthy foods are.

Adequate intake of nutritional elements such as Vitamins B12, Vitamin E and C, Beta-carotene, Lycopene, Iron, Zinc, and Selenium are required for both men and women. Also, nutritional drinks may also help with fertility issues.

Studies report that pomegranate juice can improve one's sperm count and motility. It is believed that the potent antioxidants found in pomegranates may protect the fatty acids in sperm from damage.

Pomegranate juice is just one of the drinks that can aid in fertility. A combination of guava and watermelon juice is also helpful. This drink has the elements needed by men to be effective in reproduction. The lycopene in guava, for example, has antioxidant properties that enhances the function of the male reproductive system.

In looking for something to gulp, men who are having problems with fertility should be choosing their drinks wisely. Retreat back to nature and start juicing today!

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