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Ayurveda Ahar (Diet according to Ayurveda) Part 1 - Dr Kirti Paik

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Sharing an important quote in Charak Samhita, an ancient Ayurveda text.
Don't consume food for taste and with ignorance. One must consume it after thoroughly examining it, like the ingredients and how they are cooked such as hamburgers or samosas. We are what we eat!

In Sanskrit, food is known as Aahar, that later passes through the process of Aaharan or the material which we ingest. In Ayurveda, Aahar is very important.

Thus it not just what we eat but it is what we drink as well such as water, milk, juices etc.

Food, being a basic resource in life, can also be destructive because it can cause illnesses, diseases to life-threatening situation and eventually death.

Food has to be adequate in terms of amount/quantity as well as calories and balanced in terms of nutrients.

Therefore, the food we eat should ensure sufficient nutrients for our body type and for our age. Especially for those in special conditions like pregnancy, lactation, diseases or even recovery stage of a disease.

Ayurvedic doctors always recommended that one should be more cautious about the diet to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Tip of the day:

Honey should never be cooked. When honey is raw, it provides great nutrients. Honey is nectar. However, once honey is cooked, it becomes poisonous.

According to Ayurveda, honey should never be cooked. Honey digest very easily when it is raw, however, when it is cooked, it takes a longer time to digest. The cooked molecules become a non-homogenized and they start to clog. Since it requires some time to be digested, this can actually affect your digestive system.