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Progressive Decline of Men’s Health

As men age, prostate, erectile, and fertility problems become more prevalent. These health problems disrupt lifestyle and relationships causing frustration, anxiety, and unhappiness.

Men's Health Opportunity

Underlying Causes

Toxin Buildup - According to Ayurveda (India’s 5,000 year old medical system), toxin buildup in the body is the underlying cause of health problems. Toxins enter the body through food, water, and air and accumulate in tissues. After decades of accumulation, they start causing hormonal imbalances and interfering with body processes.

Testosterone Decline - Testosterone levels in men decline about 10% every decade after age 30 (1% per year). Low testosterone levels are associated with erectile dysfunction and infertility.

Estrogen Dominance - As the amount of testosterone decreases, a larger proportion of estrogen remains. This imbalance has been associated with prostate enlargement.

Natural Resolution

Detoxification - Eliminate toxin buildup by consuming plant nutrients (phytonutrients) that support your detoxification system (liver, kidney, and colon) and help transport toxins from your tissues and blood. This promotes normal hormone production and body function.

Testosterone / Estrogen Balance - Maintain normal testosterone levels through phytonutrients that support testes and pituitary gland function. The testes produce testosterone and the pituitary gland produces LH hormone which is necessary for testosterone production.

India Herbs Men’s Health Supplements - Benefit from concentrated extracts of plants used for thousands of years to address men’s health concerns. Ayurtox provides total body detoxification through 16 herbal extracts. Ayurstate supports prostate function, Kama Raja promotes male performance, and Sukraja bolsters male fertility.