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Dangerous Household Cleaning Products




1) Reversing Damage - Years of continual toxin ingestion have caused damage to your detoxification system.  To help reverse this, Ayurtox releases hundreds of phytonutrientsthat act at the molecular level to remove metabolic waste and toxins from your body, stimulate and tone your gastrointestinal system, improve circulation, nourish muscle and connective tissues, prime vital organs like the liver and kidneys, strengthen your immune system, and soothe your nervous system to restore natural balance and harmony to your body.

2) Limiting Harmful Foods - Avoid processed and canned foods, dairy products (especially cheese), and junk foods which are full of toxins, low in nutritional value, and lack dietary fiber.

3) Eating Healthy Foods - Consume plenty of fresh, organic fruits and vegetables.  Regularly eat home-cooked meals (without MSG or artificial sweeteners).  Raw and slightly steamed vegetables are best for vitamins and nutrients.  Dried beans and other dried items are better for cooking than canned foods.

4) Drinking Purified Water - Use a reputable water filtration system to ensure the cleanest possible water is available for your household.  Water coming from public water supplies will at the least contain contaminants from old piping and usually has bacteria.

5) Increasing Fluid Intake - Purified water and freshly squeezed juices help flush toxins from your body.  If possible, consume only broths, pureed vegetables, water, and juices to treat your body to a liquid diet and reduce burden to your digestive system one day a week.

6) Drinking Herbal Teas - Teas made from Fenugreek, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, and Spearmint help promote urination and bowel movement and remove mucus along with trapped viruses and bacteria from the body.

7) Treating Constipation - Take natural laxatives like Psyllium to ensure regular bowel movements which help prevent toxins from building up in the digestive tract.

8) Undertaking Spa Therapy - Steam bath, sauna, and massage help loosen toxins and remove them from your body.

9) Seeking Relaxation - Strive to get 6 to 8 hours of sleep every night and find quiet time for at least 5 minutes of meditation daily.  Allowing your body to recuperate and keeping your mind at ease helps balance your nervous system and minimize harmful hormones produced by stressful living.

10) Reducing Exposure to Toxins - Avoid using artificial air fresheners, switch to natural brands of toiletries (cosmetics, soaps, shampoos, toothpaste), and use natural cleaning products.


Dr. Martin's Dangerous Household Cleaning Products Sonoran Living was posted to educate people on the dangers lurking in their home. Sonoran Living seen on ABC News interviewed Dr. Martin about the dangerous household cleaning products commonly found in homes throughout the world. The dangerous household cleaning products contain highly toxic chemicals.

Most people believe they are creating a safe, healthy environment for their children but unfortunately unknown to them they are creating a highly toxic environment with unknown long term health consequences. For a long time there has been no viable alternative to these common household products that contain dangerous, toxic chemicals. Many of the green products marketed for the home do not work as effective. Green, non-toxic, environmentally safe, and affordable household products are something consumers desire but has been nearly impossible to find. Fortunately, there is now a company that offers green, non-toxic, safe for the environment products that are comparable in cost to traditional dangerous household chemicals found in homes across the world. And the best part is these Green Products actually work!

The company bringing these products is doing so through direct marketing. A home based system that allows you the consumer not only to benefit from using green, safe, non-toxic, household products in your home but also allows you to earn money. You can use the products and order them on an as needed basis and/or you can also use the products for personal use and grow a home based business. A home based business that will allow you to make money by telling others about these great green, safe, non-toxic products. Just like you tell friends and family about a great movie, or good deal you found at the store this home based business works on the same concept. You tell friends and family about this great non-toxic, safe, household cleaning products and you will earn money. You will be doing something that is great for your household environment, the world environment, and for your personal financial environment.

Visit www.GreenProducts4Me.info and www.GreenProducts4Me.net for more information on Green Household Cleaning Solutions.